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User Friendly Interface

Any website must be user-friendly in order to make it more attractive, but compared to WordPress HTML is more user-friendly. HTML use markup language to display pages which makes it harder to use.

SEO Friendly

It is important to be SEO friendly for a business website. WordPress is known as Google’s desired platform and also it is compatible with many search engines compared to HTML. So it is better to convert HTML to WordPress in order to generate traffic to your website and flourish your business.

Cost Effective

Working on WordPress is cheap compared to HTML because users get free themes and add-ons. It is an open source platform and doesn’t require extra programming languages. Customization of themes and modifying them is also done cheaply, there is no need to pay extra amount for this conversion.


Converting HTML to WordPress will reduce the amount of data making it easier to update the site. All the pages are designed with consistency making it easier to access the pages. But updating HTML page is very tough for beginners and they may need help from any expert.


Any website must stand out compared to others and must attract a wide number of audiences towards it. This is only possible when site is attractive enough and don’t have any monotony. To escape the monotony and to be unique there are numerous themes present in WordPress. These themes are free and there are many themes outside the library which can also be used in WordPress. Because of its huge theme collection and customization options, page layouts stand to be unique and attractive.


WordPress is more secure compared to HTML and gives a lot of support for any security related threats. If your site is being kept updated always, then it is safe from hackers.
These are just some of the benefits of WordPress over HTML. If you want to make your site user friendly, secured and attractive then visit us for the conversion of your HTML site into WordPress. We work for the customer satisfaction and will strive hard for 24x7 to give you the website that you dreamt off.

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